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Contest Rules

Understand the rules is the first important step.


EBook Competition Introduction

We only require at least 10 pages for each ebook. There is no limitation about themes and styles. All participants can play their own creativity, making the most unique Ebook in the world!

Contest Rules

  1. The works that have participated and won in the national competition could not participate in this competition.
  2. Participants' registration information must be correct and complete. Otherwise, the works will be not qualified for the competition.
  3. When you register to participate the competition, you agree with the regulations of the competition. If there is any behavior breaking the rules, we will cancel the qualification for participating the competition.
  4. Any materials must be your own creation. If there is violation of copyright, the participants will be responsible for their own legal liability.
  5. Participants in Education Cup, who must make the Ebooks via the official website of eight competition. Otherwise, it will be automatically deleted and disqualified. (This does not apply to Professional Cup)
  6. Regarding the Professional Cup, participants upload the EPUB or PDF files, and fill in the correct URL works in the entry form on the official website of seventh competition. If there is any mistake, we have right to delete and disqualify it. (This does not apply to Education Cup)

General Eligibility

  1. Students or teachers overseas and within Taiwan.
  2. Participants can participate as individual or as a team (maximum 6 members of each team), participating students need to have a guide teacher.(*Professional Entry excepted.)
  3. There must be at least 10 pages for each book.
  4. Not limited to students, everyone can participate in professional groups.

How to Participate

  1. Sign up as a Member by selecting [Register] in [Member Center] section. Fill the data completely and accurately. After that verify your account via URL that has been sent to your email address.
  2. After register and log in, select [Participant] in [Members Center] section. If you register your team, fill in the team leader's data and data for each member (max 6 persons including the leader).
  3. After yourself or team is registered as a participant, you can choose to upload your work in PDF format or use the provided template.
  4. After you upload your work, you can also edit it with various tools that provided, such as adding pictures, videos, audio, links or maps.
  5. After you've finished editing your work, you can directly publish it and wait for the announcement.

The competition includes 3 entries

1. Education Entry

Use the 8th Ebook Competition website to complete the work:

  • Elementary School
  • Junior High School
  • Senior High School
  • Vocational School
  • College
  • Teacher (including school administrator / staff)
  • Overseas (including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and other overseas regions)

2. Professional Entry

Use EPUB and PDF files to upload to the competition official website.

  • Professional group: Please submit the file in EPUB format.
  • Regular group: Please submit the file in PDF format.

3. Topic Contest Entry

  • Sponsorships may decide which participants that allowed in their topic contest, whether within the scope of school, country, or maybe open to the public. Rules, awards and all things required in this topic contest will be decided and provided by the sponsorships.
  • The topic of the topic contest category is decided by each sponsorships, but the winner's announcement will remain the same as the other categories. in addition, the awards ceremony will also be decided by each company whether it will be held together with other category or not.
  • All Topic Contest participants can still participate on Education or Professional category with the same works.


* For participants from outside of Taiwan, and having work in English or Chinese, may choose to participate on School Group (Elementary - College) or Overseas Group. (only can choose one)

* For participants from outside of Taiwan, and having work in other languages (e.g. Bahasa Indonesia, etc), should choose to participate on Overseas Group.

  • Elementary School: All Elementary School students.
  • Junior High School:  All Junior High School students.
  • Senior High School: All Senior High School students.
  • Vocational School: All Vocational School students.
  • College: All College School students (including master and doctoral students).
  • Teacher:  All Teachers.
  • Overseas: Students and teachers from outside of Taiwan (non-Taiwan citizens)


  • Professional
  1. Professional group: everyone can participate. (Works uploaded in EPUB format)
  2. Regular group: everyone can participate. (Works uploaded in PDF format)


  • Topic Contest Category
  1. Subject: Subject set by the co-organizers.
  2. Participants: All Topic Contest participants can still participate on Education or Professional category.
  3. Submit the file format: According to the various provisions of the contest.
  4. Awards: Awards and prizes are awarded by the organizers.
  5. Review: by the co-organizers of their own selection.
  6. List of announcements: winners will announced in website in winner list.
  7. Award Ceremony: will be held in the general award ceremony or held on its own.

Contest Schedule

  1. Entry time: 12pm  October 2nd 2018 (Mon) – 12pm  March 2nd 2018 (Fri).
  2. Deadline: 11:59:59pm  March 2nd 2018 (Fri).
  3. Online voting: 12pm  March 5th 2018 (Mon) – 12pm March 15th 2018 (Thu), total 11 days. During the online voting, you can invite your friends to vote your works. Those who are participate in the vote will also win a small gift.
    *If the voting results are in the following two conditions, the favorite award will not be issued
    1. The work does not fulfill the requirements of the contest.
    2. The number of votes cast is less than 100 votes.
  4. Preliminary Review Time: March 9th 2018 (Fri) –March 15th 2018 (Thu),  total 11 days.
  5. Preliminary finalists Publish date: 12pm  March 21st 2018 (Wed) will announced the 8th International Chinese and Education Cup e-book creation contest on the official website, GOGOFINDER website and Facebook Page "GOGOFINDER雲端電子刊物加值平台".
  6. Review Selection Time:  March 20th 2018 (Fri)  -  March 20th 2018 (Fri), total 8 days.
  7. Review the date of publication award : April 27th 2018 (Fri) will be hold a big awards ceremony, and on-site published all the list of winning entries and awards.
  • Date: April 27th 2018 (Fri)
  • Location: To be confirmed, please pay attention to the eighth e-book contest official website announcement.

* The organizer reserves the right to change the date, please keep the latest announcement

Evaluation Standard

  1. Divided into two stages: preliminary examination and review.
  • Preliminary examination: finalists will be decided based on the criteria and will be selected as much as 20% of the total participants.
  • Review: the judges will select the winner from the finalist list based on the specified evaluation standard.

* The teacher shall be appointed by the teacher who is promoted by the school or registered by the teacher.

Review Teacher Registration Website:

  1. Selection Criteria





Multimedia (30%)







book size






background music


color usage




words size




* Total score for evaluation is 100%.

* User voting part, excluding the selection criteria.

* book flow is not included in the score, but if there is an unclear book flow, then the work will be canceled


  • The voting section only counts the valid account name, phone, and correct mailing address. Accounts are not the same as participant numbers ex. Finder001, finder002, finder003 ... ... If the account does not meet the valid voting requirements, then the committee have the right to remove it.


  • The operational part of the website is entitled to open or reprint the contestant's work to upload photos and works.
  • Regardless whether the teacher is a teacher or not, the teacher will be classified as a teacher group.
  • According to the  tax law, if the prize is over NTD 20,000, then the winner must pay income tax of 10% (the committee will deduct 10% income tax). If the prize money is more than NTD 1,000, then the annual tax must be included in the personal income. For participants who do not reside in Taiwan or live in Taiwan for less than 183 days, shall pay 20% of the nominal value of the prize money provided. Winners are required to provide the identity card required for tax reporting.
  • The organizer have the right to change the contents of the prizes or modify the activities.
  • If the sponsor is required to provide proof of entry, the application form is required and the fee is NT $ 100.
  • Winners cannot be represented.