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Education Entry:


Cash or voucher TWD$10,000 plus gift award

7 teams/individuals

The 2nd place

Cash or voucher TWD$5,000 plus gift award

7 teams/individuals

The 3rd place

Cash or voucher TWD$2,000 plus gift award

7 teams/individuals

The 4th place

The 5th place

The 6th place

Gift award

21 teams/individuals

※ Each one will be rewarded a certificate.
※ Overseas winners will be only rewarded the money award (including tax)  due to the freight.

Professional Entry: 


Cash or voucher TWD$18,000

2 teams/individuals

The 2nd place

Cash or voucher TWD$10,000

2 teams/individuals

The 3rd place

Cash or voucher TWD$5,000

2 teams/individuals

The 4th place

The 5th place

The 6th place

Cash or cash coupon $2,500

6 teams/individuals


Honorable Mention

Gift award

List of Finalists

Online Voting

Gift award ( Fans will be randomly selected from the voters.)

30 people

The Most Popular Works

Gift award ( The works gain the most votes.)

Each entry has 3 positions.
Totally 27 teams/individuals

School Participant

School with the largest number of finalists will be rewarded gift award.


* The organizer reserves the right to adjust the prizes. The latest news will be published on the news bulletin of the official website.



Art books Number of finalists

Gjun Voucher

Price: NTD 8,800

5 Pcs

HyRead- Flash Disk 8GB

Price: NTD 300

10 Pcs

HyRead- Mobile Phone Stand

Price: NTD 300

23 Pcs

HyRead-Ebook Voucher

Price: 250元

4 Pcs

WHITEsmile Whitening Toothpaste

12 Pcs

DVD Earth from Above

Price: NTD 1,350

10 Pcs