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Tourism Bureau. MOTC

Topic name

I love travelling Taiwan

Topic rules

  1. The works that have participated and won in the national competition could not participate in this competition.
  2. Participants' registration information must be correct and complete.
    Otherwise, the works will be not qualified for the competition.
  3. When you register to participate the competition, you agree with the regulations of the competition.
    If there is any behavior breaking the rules, we will cancel the qualification for participating the competition.
  4. Any materials must be your own creation. If there is violation of copyright, the participants will be responsible for their own legal liability.
  5. Participants in Education Cup, who must make the Ebooks via the official website of eight competition.
    Otherwise, it will be automatically deleted and disqualified. (This does not apply to Professional Cup)
  6. Regarding the Professional Cup, participants upload the EPUB or PDF files, and fill in the correct URL works in the entry form on the official website of seventh competition.
    If there is any mistake, we have right to delete and disqualify it. (This does not apply to Education Cup)
  7. Book at least 10 pages


If you have the following qualifications,you can join one of competitions :

  1. Taiwan division:Taiwanese.
  2. Foreign division:The foreigner or Taiwanese residing abroad.

Selection Criteria

The Tour Book need to show Taiwan views, snacks , activities(and so on),and to prescribe self-travel emotions. The umpires will give score according to following rules:

  1. The Tour Book completeness 50%
    • The completeness of the book includes the planning of the subject matter and its overall performance
  2. Skills 20%
    • Is there a format that meets the requirements?
      The appropriateness of the design purpose
    • E-book integration integrity
    • Use various types of multimedia components (documents, pictures, videos, music) and art techniques
  3. Creative design and beauty 30%
    • Originality of creative thinking
    • Using technology is innovative or original
    • The richness of content data
    • Appropriateness of modeling and color application

Awards Description

Groups Award Ranking
Foreign division Cash TWD$8,000 and a certificate Winner
Foreign division Cash TWD$4,000 and a certificate Runner-up
Foreign division Cash TWD$2,000 and a certificate Excellent work
Taiwan division Cash TWD$8,000 and a certificate Winner
Taiwan division Cash TWD$4,000 and a certificate Runner-up
Taiwan division Cash TWD$2,000 and a certificate Excellent work

Competition Rules Supplementary Matters

  • Participating individuals or teams should uphold the principle of good faith. The entries must be created by the participating members themselves. No other published or unpublished concepts, works and images may be copied or excerpted. If there is infringement of intellectual property rights of others, the organizer will disqualify and win the contest. All the participating members shall bear the relevant legal liabilities.
  • The copyright of the entries belongs to the individuals or teams participating in the competition. All participants are required to agree to grant or authorize the copyright of the works of the entries to the Bureau of Tourism of the Ministry of Transportation for any duration, frequency, manner and geographical area for publicity, charity activities and related Publications, materials, promotional materials, manuals, websites or other media and media, and other necessary activities, and agree not to exercise the right of personality of the organizer. In addition, all finalists or winners are obliged to cooperate with this contest and follow-up activities to publicize the campaign, public display, awards ceremony and other promotional activities.

Participate in topic competition matters needing attention

The duration of the review and the announcement of the winners list are all the same as the competitions